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Woman Injured on Casino Shuttle Bus Allowed to Proceed Toward Trial Despite Defense Challenge

Earlier last month, an appellate court issued a written opinion discussing whether a casino has a duty to protect passengers as they board a free shuttle operated by the casino. In the case, Huang v. The Bicycle Casino, the appellate court determined that the lower court erred when it held, as a matter of law, that the defendant did not owe the plaintiff a duty of care to prevent other passengers from trampling her as she was boarding the bus. Although the court did not reach a final decision on whether the casino was acting as a common carrier, the language used by the court indicated its willingness to consider the issue in future cases presenting similar facts.

Crowded BusThe Facts of the Case:  A Woman Is Trampled as She Boards a Casino Shuttle

Huang was planning on visiting the defendant casino. To get there, she planned to take a free shuttle offered by the casino. However, she was not alone in her desire to use the free shuttle. In fact, there were between 40 and 70 other people waiting for the same shuttle, which only had 40 seats.

The casino did not do anything to ensure the orderly boarding of the shuttle, and the shuttle stop was described as chaotic by those present. As the shuttle approached, the crowd ran toward it with many people trying to board at the same time. As Huang approached the shuttle doors, the crowd surged and caused her to slip. As a result of her fall, she sustained a serious injury. She subsequently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the casino.

The Court Finds a Duty Exists to Protect Passengers

The plaintiff’s case was dismissed by the trial court, which found the casino did not have a duty to ensure the safe boarding of the shuttle. However, on appeal, the case was reversed. The appellate court based its opinion on the fact that, even under a traditional negligence analysis, there was a duty placed on the casino to ensure that the passengers of the shuttle could board the bus safely. The court continued to discuss whether the casino was acting as a common carrier, which would have placed an even higher duty on the casino. However, since the court based its decision on the traditional negligence analysis, there was no need for the court to reach the common-carrier question.

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