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University of Georgia Student Is Killed and Two Others Are Injured in Apparent Drug-Related Crash

A tragic crash earlier this month has taken the life of one University of Georgia student and left two others seriously injured after a driver crossed into oncoming traffic and struck three bicyclists who were approaching head-on.  According to a local news report discussing the crash, the 31-year-old driver of the SUV was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and charged with a first-degree felony homicide charge as a result of the crash.  Although the driver initially blamed the crash on her trying to use a cell phone while driving, a statement she made to police during their investigation resulted in the DUI charge being pursued.

One Way SignDistracted or Intoxicated Driver Crosses into Oncoming Traffic and Strikes Three Bicyclists.

According to the news report, the crash occurred when the defendant, who was driving an SUV, became distracted and crossed into oncoming traffic on an Athens road near the UGA campus.  The three bicyclists were riding together in the opposite direction in a single-file line and were struck by the defendant’s vehicle.  One of the bikers was hit directly head-on by the SUV and died at the scene, while the other two suffered glancing blows from the vehicle that resulted in their crashing and suffering serious injuries.  According to the article, the crash is still under investigation, although the defendant has been arrested and charged with DUI as well as a homicide charge for her role in the fatal crash.

Using a Cell Phone While Driving Could Be More Dangerous Than Driving While Intoxicated

The recent tragic crash appears to be the result of the defendant’s admitted intoxication while she was operating her vehicle, although a statement that she made to police after the crash also sheds light on the dangers presented by drivers who are distracted by their cell phones while in control of a vehicle.  The driver of the SUV initially told police that she was distracted by her phone when she crossed the centerline and crashed into the bikers, but she also admitted she had been using drugs before the accident.  Although the criminal charges filed against her focus around the allegations that she was intoxicated, if she was looking at her phone instead of the road, that may have also played a role in the fatal crash.

Civil Relief for Victims of Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

The technological advances relating to cellular phone and network capabilities have made it easier for motorists to use the internet while in their vehicles.  Unfortunately, these advances have been accompanied by an increase in serious accidents caused by drivers looking at or using a cellular phone while in control of their vehicle.  Georgia law forbids anyone in control of a motor vehicle from using the internet or messaging on a cellular phone while on the road, and victims who are injured or killed by a distracted driver who was using their cellular phone can seek damages through a Georgia auto accident lawsuit. Distracted drivers sometimes admit they were looking at their phone before an accident occurred, and it may even be possible for an experienced attorney to gather evidence and prove that a driver was using their phone when they should have been paying attention to the road.

Should You Contact a Georgia Accident Attorney?

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