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Settlement Reached for Four of Five Families in Fatal 2015 Georgia Trucking Accident

Back in April of last year, an accident involving a semi-truck and two vehicles claimed the lives of five women, all nursing students. According to one local news report, the families of four of the five women involved in the accident have reached a settlement agreement with the trucking company that owned the truck and employed the driver.

Tanker TruckThe Facts of the Case

The nursing students were on their way to a hospital, traveling on Interstate 16, when they were struck from behind by the semi-truck. According to subsequent investigations conducted by police, it was determined that the two cars carrying the nursing students were stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the highway that was caused by an unrelated accident up ahead. As the students were stuck in traffic, the truck approached full-speed from behind. The truck first made contact with one of the cars and then smashed into the other.

In the end, five of the nursing students in two of the cars were pronounced dead. A later investigation also discovered that the driver of the truck had been previously fired by another trucking company for falling asleep while behind the wheel. When asked about his role in a deposition taken in anticipation of trial, the truck driver admitted that the accident was his fault, but he denied that he had fallen asleep. He did not offer any other explanation.

According to the news report, three of the four families entering into the settlement have kept the amount of the settlement private. However, it was released to news outlets that one of the families will be compensated $14 million for the loss of their loved one. The trucking company is confident that a settlement arrangement will be reached with the remaining family, and a trial will not be necessary.

Settlements in Personal Injury Cases

Over 90% of all personal injury cases are resolved by some form of pre-trial settlement. The primary reason for this is to avoid the uncertainty that comes along with taking a case to trial. While a skilled and diligent attorney can prepare a case in anticipation of going to trial, sometimes unexpected information arises, or an unfavorable pre-trial ruling is made. These can destroy a case’s chances of success. It is for this reason, among others, that many accident victims choose to settle their case rather than take it to trial.

However, taking a case to trial is the only option in some cases, and an accident victim’s attorney should not be afraid to fight for their client.

Have You Been Injured in a Georgia Truck Accident?

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