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Federal Jury Hands Down Six-Figure Award to Truck Driver Injured Making Wide Right Turn

A federal jury recently released a verdict in the case of Wallace v. Wiley Sanders Truck Lines after a three-day trial earlier this month. The jury found that the plaintiff, a log truck driver who was injured after an accident with another semi truck near a logging site, will be awarded $650,000 to compensate him for the damages caused by the negligence of the other driver, who failed to yield to Mr. Wallace as he was making a right turn into a logging site, causing a crash that seriously injured Mr. Wallace’s shoulder, requiring him to undergo surgery only to regain limited use of the shoulder.

trucks-on-the-road-1449684The Dangers of Driving Around Semi Trucks, Buses, and Vehicles Towing Trailers

Many Georgia auto accidents involve at least one semi truck, bus, or another type of vehicle towing a trailer. There are specific dangers to sharing the road with these vehicles, and drivers of both the large vehicles and the surrounding vehicles on the road need to know how to address them.

In the case of the accident that resulted in the recently awarded jury verdict, it appears the crash was caused by the second driver failing to respect the logging truck driver’s need to make a wide right turn, and it also could have been caused by the second driver driving in the blind spot of the first driver. According to the 2015 Georgia Driver’s Guide, other drivers need to steer clear of the “no zones” or blind spots that surround large vehicles while they are on the road, and they must also allow large vehicles room to make wide right turns when they properly signal.

Since in America vehicles drive on the right side of the road, it is often impossible for large vehicles to make a right turn onto a small roadway without doing so from the center or left lane of the road that they approach the turn from. Other drivers must know to avoid the area to the right and behind a large vehicle that is intending to make a right turn, and failure to do so may result in civil liability through a Georgia accident lawsuit.

Legal Responsibility for Accidents Involving Semi Trucks

Georgia accidents involving semi trucks and other large vehicles are more likely to cause serious injury or death than accidents that don’t involve a large vehicle. There are several reasons for this, but the net result is that all drivers must drive with increased caution around semis and large vehicles.

Since professional truck drivers usually have a commercial license and drive large vehicles as an occupation, they can be held to a higher standard of safety than the drivers that surround them on the roads. When a semi truck driver is involved in an accident in which they failed to follow the safe driving procedures outlined by Georgia law and professional standards, they can be held responsible for the damages caused to other drivers through a Georgia accident lawsuit. Accident victims can sue negligent truck drivers and seek damages for medical expenses and other losses that result from an accident, and they can potentially receive compensation for the damaging effects of an accident involving a large vehicle or truck.

Have You Been in an Accident?

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