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Five Students Die in Semi-Truck Crash in Southeast Georgia

Earlier this week in Ellabelle, Georgia, five nursing students at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro were en route to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah when they were in involved in a fatal semi-truck accident. The students were in two separate cars, and all five lost their lives as a result.

a-rainy-day-2-26902-mAccording to one local news source, the accident occurred on Interstate 16, not far from Savannah, and about 30 miles from the students’ intended destination. Evidently, the students were on their way to St. Joseph’s Hospital for their last day of clinical training for the school year. Evidently, the students were stuck in stop-and-go traffic when a semi-truck failed to slow down and plowed into the back of their vehicle.

After colliding with the students’ SUV, the semi then proceeded to roll over another passenger car, carrying more of the students. The passenger car then burst into flames. The semi-truck finally came to a stop when it ran into the back of another large truck that was on the highway.

It is not clear how many students total were in the two vehicles. All that is known is that the current fatality count stands at five and that three others were injured and taken to nearby hospitals.

Truck Accidents on Georgia Highways

Each year, we hear about dozens of serious or fatal truck accidents across the State of Georgia that were caused by negligent truck drivers. In some cases, the trucking company is also responsible. Most often, this involves a situation when there is an equipment failure, a lack of training, or undue pressure placed on drivers to bend or break state and federal regulations.

One example of this kind of behavior is the manipulation of rest logs. All semi-truck drivers are mandated to get a certain amount of rest on their trips as well as in between longer trips. As a part of this requirements, all drivers are supposed to keep detailed logs showing when they were on the road and when they were resting. However, this requirement can be inconvenient for trucking companies, which are expected to deliver cargo by a certain date. It is not unheard of for trucking companies to turn a blind eye towards, or even encourage, rest-log fraud among their drivers.

Have You Been Injured in a Georgia Semi-Truck Accident?

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