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US Track Star Killed in Georgia Car Accident

In a tragic accident in Cordele last week, US track star Torrin Lawrence died when he was struck by a semi-truck after his car got a flat tire. According to a report by Yahoo! News, the accident occurred early on a Monday morning on Interstate 75.

road-1289757-mLawrence was on his way from Athens, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida when the accident occurred. Evidently, his car got a flat tire and came to a complete stop in the center lane of the three-lane highway. As he exited the vehicle and moved to the side of the road to call 911, a passing semi-truck collided with his stationary vehicle. Lawrence’s own car then crashed into him, fatally injuring the 25-year-old track star.

Semi-Truck Accidents in Georgia

This is just one of the more recent fatal semi-truck accidents that have occurred in Georgia over the past year. In fact, it seems that each year there are more and more fatal crashes involving giant trucks. Whether they are big-rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, or other models, the result is all too often the same. A truck driver takes his or her attention off the road for a moment, and lives are lost.

In some cases, the fault may be divided among several parties, sometimes including the accident victim. For example, if the accident above was brought to trial, a jury might determine that Lawrence was negligent in leaving the car in the middle of a three-lane highway. However, this does not necessarily bar his family from recovering for their loss.

Georgia subscribes to the legal doctrine of “modified comparative negligence” for determining who is legally responsible for an accident victim’s injuries. This doctrine allows for the division of damages based on the percentage the jury feels that a party is at fault. In the case of an accident victim being partially at fault, the damages amount would simply be reduced by the percentage of his or her fault. For example, if the jury determines that an accident victim should be awarded $1,000,000 but that he is 25% at fault, the victim would receive $750,000.

Since Georgia follows “modified” comparative fault, rather than true comparative fault, a plaintiff who is 50% or more at fault for the accident will not be permitted to recover. Therefore, it is critical to a plaintiff’s case to be found less than 50% at fault for the accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Georgia Auto Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in a Georgia auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages. However, the other parties to the accident will likely attempt to shift the fault of the accident onto you, either to reduce their own financial responsibility or to prevent you from recovering entirely. To prevent this from happening, you should retain an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney to help prepare your case. To learn more about the accident laws in Georgia, and to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, click here, or call 770-284-3727 today.

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