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Sheriff’s Deputy Caught in Hit-and-Run Accident

Earlier this week in Cobb County, a sheriff’s deputy was arrested after he was linked to a hit-and-run accident with a tractor trailer. According to a report by a local news source, the accident occurred on Canton Road when the deputy crashed into the tractor-trailer while driving drunk.

police-car-126271-mEvidently, after getting into the accident, the deputy abandoned the vehicle he was driving and fled the scene. However, he forgot to take his wallet with him, and police used the information inside to link him to the accident. Police then went to the deputy’s home and arrested him. He is being charged with driving under the influence, failure to maintain his lane, and failing to report an accident with injuries or damages.

The officer was taken into jail but has since been released on a $1,600 bond.

Drunk Driving in Georgia

Drunk driving is taken very seriously in Georgia. Any time a driver has a blood- or breath-alcohol content of .08 or greater, that driver is driving illegally and can be cited by police for DUI. In addition, when a drunk driver causes an accident resulting in personal injury or property damage, that driver can be held liable to the accident victim in a civil action.

The burden of proof in a civil case is actually less than it is in a criminal case, so the driver need not have been convicted of the criminal offense in order to be found liable for the damages in a civil court.

Claims Against Drunk Drivers

In general, drunk drivers do not make very sympathetic defendants. In most cases, judges and juries look down on this kind of conduct and have no hesitation in requiring the drunk driver to pay for the harm he or she caused. In some cases, juries will even award punitive damages to the plaintiff when the drunk driver’s conduct is especially reprehensible.

However, it is far from a certainty that an accident victim will recover. The drunk driver will likely have his or her own attorney working hard to deflect the blame away from his or her client. Therefore, it is advised that anyone involved in a serious Georgia drunk driving accident retain the services of a dedicated Georgia personal injury attorney to assist them in the process.

Have You Been Injured in a Georgia Drunk Driving Accident?

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