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Family Van Crashes Due to Tire Explosion

Earlier this week, eight members of a Georgia family were taken to the hospital after they were involved in a serious single-vehicle accident near Athens, Ohio. According to a report by Athens News, the accident occurred on Route 33, between Johnson Road and Ohio Route 682, at about 9 in the morning.

changing-a-tire-at-night-3496-mEvidently, the van was traveling east bound on Route 33 in the leftmost lane when the van’s tire blew. The force from the blown tire sent the van off the road and into the guard rail in two different places before it came to a rest in the passing lane.

Four of the passengers in the van, all children, were ejected from the vehicle during the accident. The children were apparently in child safety seats, but the seats were not properly fastened to the vehicle.

All passengers were taken to the hospital with injuries of varying severity. However, they are all expected to survive. The Ohio Highway Patrol released a service announcement asking all drivers to ensure that child safety seats are properly fastened to the vehicle, and that all tires have at least 2/32 of an inch of tread.

Tire Blow-Outs in Georgia

The Georgia family likely would not have been involved in an accident but for the blow-out of one of the van’s tires. Tire blow-outs are an increasingly common cause of serious vehicle accidents in Georgia. What makes them interesting, from a legal perspective, is that the fault may fall either with the tire manufacturer for creating a defective tire, or with the motorist for failing to keep them in proper condition.

Here, the Ohio Highway Patrol released an announcement that all drivers should ensure that their tires have a sufficient amount of tread on them. However, this does not necessarily mean that the tires on the van had insufficient tread left at the time of the accident. It is possible that the tire’s sidewall blew, or that the tire suffered some other kind of manufacturing defect.

When a vehicle’s tire blows due to a manufacturing defect, it is often the fault of the tire company. In such cases, the tire manufacturer may be held liable for the negligent manufacture and sale of the tire. This could mean that the tire manufacture, the tire distributor, and the retailer of the tire are all responsible for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Have You Been in an Accident Involving a Blown Out Tire?

If you or a family member has recently been involved in an accident involving a blown tire, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries or loss. Tire manufacturers have come under extreme scrutiny for a rash of recent recalls leading to serious or fatal accidents. If you believe that your accident was caused by a defective tire, contact a Georgia personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Click here, or call 770-284-3727 to schedule a free initial consultation with a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney today.

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