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Georgia Teen Dies in Car Accident, Possibly While Street Racing

Earlier this month a Georgia teen was killed when the car in which she was riding was involved in an accident in Henry County. According to a report by WSB-TV, the accident occurred at 1400 Pates Creek Road, near Noah’s Arc Road in Stockbridge, Georgia. A male student was driving two female students in his car when he got into the accident.

tachometer-1429578-mEvidently, the accident occurred when the driver attempted to swerve out of the way of an oncoming vehicle while driving in the opposite lane of traffic. As the car left the roadway, it rolled several times, sending all the passengers flying out of the car. Other cars were also involved in the accident, but nobody else suffered serious injuries.

However, one of the female students was killed in the accident. The other two students in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Both are expected to survive.

Police believe that the accident may have been caused while the driver was engaging in street racing due to the nature of the crash. The accident victim was a sophomore at Henry County High School. Grief counselors were called in to help students cope with the loss of their friend.

Street Racing and Other Acts of Negligent and Reckless Driving

This tragic accident could have likely been avoided had the student not engaged in the reckless behavior of street racing. Each year, hundreds of people are killed across the country while engaging in negligent or reckless acts while behind the wheel of an automobile.

Street racing is not the only dangerous activity that a driver can engage in that can result in a serious or fatal accident. The following examples are all activities that can distract a driver from the road, increasing the chance of causing a serious accident:

  • Texting while driving;
  • Talking on the phone while driving;
  • Operating the radio or GPS system while driving;
  • Talking to a passenger or child in the car;
  • Applying make-up, shaving, or other grooming;
  • Eating or drinking while driving; and
  • Daydreaming.

As you can see, there are a number of distractions that can increase a driver’s potential to cause an accident.

What To Do if You Have Been Involved in a Serious Georgia Accident

If you have been involved in a serious Georgia traffic accident, you should seek the counsel of an experienced Georgia accident attorney. Depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to recover a significant monetary award if the other driver is determined to be at fault for the accident. At Miller Legal Services, we understand Georgia accident law and know what it takes to pursue compensation for our clients. We have had successes in all kinds of accident cases, and we look forward to speaking with you about your case. Click here, or call 770-284-3727 to schedule your free initial consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney today.

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