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Georgia Court of Appeals Dismisses Head-On Collision Suit as a True Accident

burned-car-642052-mWe use the term “accident” to refer to most car accidents, as well as a variety of other unfortunate situations that result from a number of causes. However, most of the time an “accident” is really due to one party’s negligent or reckless behavior. This is certainly true in motor vehicle accidents.

However, on a rare occasion, a true accident occurs. This is a situation when, although someone has been severely injured or killed, no one can fairly be held responsible. The Georgia Court of Appeals recently heard such a case, titled Eatmon v. Weeks.

The facts of the case are fairly straightforward. Eatmon was driving her car north on Dawson Road, while Weeks was driving south on the same road. At some point, Weeks crossed over four lanes of traffic and collided with Eaton’s vehicle, causing her serious injuries.

Evidence came out at trial that Weeks had suffered a stroke immediately before the accident and was not conscious at the time of the collision.

How the Trial Played Out

At trial, both Weeks’ estate and Eatmon filed suits against each other claiming the other was negligent and should be responsible for the other’s injuries. In response to the charges, both parties asked the court to dismiss the case against them, arguing that there was no evidence that they were negligent. Eatmon claimed she could not have avoided the accident, and Weeks’ estate claimed that his stroke was an unpreventable act of God.

The trial court dismissed both parties’ requests and sent the case forward. However, both parties appealed to the Court of Appeals.

The Appellate Court Reverses, Granting Both Motions

The Court of Appeals explained that there truly was no evidence of negligence on either party’s side. The fact that Weeks suffered a stroke does not show that he was negligent in any way. And the evidence at trial showed that Eatmon only saw Weeks’ car when it was about six feet from her own. In other words, there was too little time to respond and avoid the accident.

The Result

At the end of the day, neither party will be able to recover because no one was negligent in causing the accident. While this is a unique case and largely will be contained to the specific facts therein, it does show the importance of having a skilled attorney to present the court with your side of the story. If either party had a more dedicated attorney, could they have persuaded the court to rule differently?

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