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Settling Insurance Injury Claims – Beware of a Second Injury

 Absurd Settlement Offers Cheat The Injured

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When you have been injured to the point that you need to file an injury claim for financial compensation you need to be treated with honesty and respect. Most people filing an injury claim are not trying to get rich, they simply need to be compensated for their medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses. To the injured party it seems logical and fair but to an insurance company it means lost profits; no more, no less. In the process of settling an injury claim the injured party is too often the victim of a second injury – an absurd settlement offer.

Don’t Trust ANY Insurance Company

I get calls all the time from people who tried to settle their won cases with the insurance company, but to no avail. Usually, it is too late for me to do anything because the potential client has said something to an adjuster or turned over a document to the insurance company which permanently ruined their case. When I ask the potential client why they tried to settle the case themselves, they invariably say that they trusted the insurance company. They felt like if they acted in good faith, the insurance company would do likewise. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Lower Settlements = More Profit

Insurance companies, like all corporations, exist to make money, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, insurance companies in the last 8-10 years have purposefully undervalued cases in order to gain bigger profits. They know that most injured parties are very vulnerable; many cannot work due to their injuries and have no income coming in. These injured victims have to put food on the table for their families. The insurance companies know this and very often make extremely low-ball offers knowing that these people cannot wait very long to settle their case.

At one time, Allstate allegedly decided that they would target 90 of the injured parties for a quick settlement within 180 days. If you did not settle within that time, instead of “Good Hands” you got “Boxing Gloves” and Allstate allegedly would draw out the litigation for 3-5 years. A competent and experienced personal injury attorney can protect you from such nonsense.

Don’t Become Just Managed Data

Additionally, virtually all insurance companies now use a software program in order to determine how much money to offer. Allstate’s program was called “Colossus”. Even the name seems an attempt to intimidate. There are various problems with this approach. First, it takes the human element out of adjusting cases. An injured person may make for a very sympathetic witness to a jury, but not to a computer. Second, the computer can only base its decision on the data that the insurance companies enter into it. Here is a great article about a former Allstate adjuster who almost suffered a nervous breakdown over what Allstate was asking him to do. It’s called “turning the knobs” of the software program. One insurance company was allegedly told by a consulting company that it should offer 20% less than what the computer told them to offer.

To protect yourself from being ripped off you need an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for your rights. Attorney Norman Miller is a former insurance company attorney, and knows exactly how they “manage people”. He knows how to get you the highest settlement possible. Before you talk to an insurance company, or sign ANYTHING, please contact Norman Miller at 770-284-3727 to learn important information that the insurance company does not want you to know.