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Vehicle Accident Injuries Often Cause Medical Bills . . . and Sometimes Bankruptcy

Published on by: Norman Miller

Car wrecks and trucking accidents often cause physical injuries that require medical attention and rehabilitation therapies. Medical and rehab services cost a lot of money. Sometimes the bills for these services can become insurmountable and drive an injured person into bankruptcy. A few smart moves can prevent this from happening to you.

Car and Trucking Accident Recovery Costs

Like hundreds of thousands of others, your life was probably going just fine until the second you were involved in an auto accident. The sudden, debilitating pain, helplessness and continuous mental distress that you now know as normal did not exist until the moment of impact. Now, your escalating medical bills are propelling you farther and farther into debt. Your reality is that you can get on top of the situation now with a personal injury lawsuit, or ignore your rights to receive compensation and find yourself in federal bankruptcy court with one or two years.


Auto Accident Medical Injuries

The impact of a car accident can instantaneously contort your body, and initiate several different medical injuries at once. Common multiple auto accident medical injuries include back, neck, face and head injuries. All in all, you could sustain a head concussion, facial and neck pain from the abrupt air bag opening, and spinal damage or back pain you might not even notice for days, weeks or even months after the accident. These medical injuries generally require immediate emergency care, but often, the E.R. is just the beginning of your long, painful auto accident recovery. Never overlook that every doctor visit, every medical treatment and every hospital stay racks up a big bill with your name on it.

Car Wreck Medical Expenses

You will most likely find, like hundreds of thousands of others, that you must undergo months, if not years, of post-accident treatment to completely heal from the accident. You might also have to see specialty doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and speech pathologists, depending upon the extent of your injuries. These post-wreck medical expenses can literally put you tens of thousands to over several hundred thousand dollars in personal debt. You have legal options to protect yourself from financial travesty.

Ultimately YOU are responsible for paying for your medical care. A personal injury claim is your only way to assure that you receive a level of compensation that covers all of your medical expenses. If you settle for less than your expenses will be, YOU will have to find a way to pay for every extra fee. You won’t get a second chance at receiving a fair settlement!

Recovering from Whiplash

If you were unfortunate enough to suffer from whiplash after your accident, you might live with chronic pain indefinitely. You might have to undergo painful injections to help you manage painful muscle spasms. You might even need to incorporate expensive chiropractic treatments along with prescription pain medicines and extensive physical therapy, while you are recovering from whiplash. You might not be able to work during this period. Therefore, it is in your best interests to enlist the services of an attorney who specializes in post car accident bankruptcy due to excessive medical bills.

Legal Solutions For Injury Caused Medical Expenses

Certainly, many car wrecks do not cause significant physical harm. Other types of accidents cause harm that requires immediate and long term care. If you have been injured and are now facing medical expenses, or even remotely suspect that you could in the future, you should at least speak with a personal injury attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer has witnessed a lot of injury cases and can provide expert consulting on the chances that medical expenses could be a problem in your situation.

If you fail to take action within a specified period of time you may lose your rights to file a personal injury claim. This means that by virtue of not taking action now, you are passively agreeing to take full personal responsibility for ALL medical bills and expenses. This frequently drives otherwise financially responsible people into personal bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may eventually become your only way to escape the massive debt that medical expenses can generate. In almost every situation, the injured party could have avoided the financial calamity of bankruptcy by filing a personal injury claim. Hiring an attorney instead of accepting a quick, low-ball offer from an insurance company is how you truly protect yourself. An attorney can assure that you are receiving fair and due compensation for your injuries and to cover medical services.

If you have been injured in a car wreck, trucking accident you should contact an attorney. Contacting a personal injury attorney now is much better than later having to hire a bankruptcy attorney.