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If You’re In A Car Wreck, Go To The Emergency Room


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Published on by: Norman Miller

You’re stopped at a red light, minding your own business, when someone hits you from behind. You are momentarily startled and then your adrenaline starts pumping. You appear to be alright, so you get out of your car, exchange information with the other driver, and wait for the police to arrive. And then you go home. For two reasons this is almost certainly a big mistake.

Hidden Injury Is Not Uncommon


First, you may have internal bleeding or a closed head injury and don’t even know it. The adrenaline rush very often covers up symptoms or there are no symptoms at all. Any delay in treatment could result in irreversible damage and could even be fatal. Sometimes what seems like just minor soreness is a symptom of soemthing that may cause you a lifetime of nagging pain.

Second, the other party’s insurance company won’t take your claim very seriously if you do not go to a hospital emergency room. Very often later that night, early the next day, or within a few days your body begins to feel sore. It’s the same type of feeling you experience when you haven’t worked out in a while. You feel pretty good right after the workout, but the next day or two you begin to feel sore all over, except this time it may be more serious than just sore muscles. You eventually decide to make an appointment with your family doctor or an urgent care facility. However the other driver’s insurance company will use that delay in treatment against you when it comes time to settle.

The Insurance Company’s Viewpoint

I know these things to be factual because I once worked for insurance companies as an attorney working on settlements. I did this for over 18 years before switching sides. I now represent insured parties, the injured people, instead of large corporations that see only dollars and lack compassion for victims.

Did you know that many insurance companies use a scoring system to determine the severity of injury? This statistical evaluation, which is used to limit settlement payouts, is anything but fair to the injured party. An example of this unfair systrem is that failure to go to the ER after an accident reduces the amount of “points” they allow to be considered in determining settlement figures. Additionally, most insurance companies will reimburse you for ER visits come settlement time because they understand that you do a have a right to have yourself checked-out after an accident.

Free Consulation With An Injury Lawyer

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