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Personal Injury Cases and Video Evidence

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera.

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Video Evidence in Injury Cases


It is estimated than an average person appears on a surveillance camera 170 times per day. This not only has a profound effect on our right to privacy, but can also play an integral role in personal injury cases.

One of the most obvious areas that this comes into play involves traffic cameras at intersections. While they were put there by the local jurisdictions to catch people running red lights, it also comes in handy in recording traffic accidents. Even assuming that fault is not in dispute, just being able to show the violent impact of a traffic collision will play well to a jury (or even a claims adjuster). However, local governments only keep copies of these recordings for a short time, so one must act quickly after an accident in order to make sure the evidence is preserved.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accidents

In large urban areas such as Atlanta, video cameras are often located at major intersections. The video evidence captured by these cameras is often instrumental in proving driver error in cases where pedestrians and bicyclists have been struck by an auto.

Premise Liability Accidents

Another area that surveillance cameras play an important role involves premises liability cases (i.e. slip-and-falls, false arrest, etc.). It’s very difficult for a merchant to deny something that is recorded. Very often, a merchant will accidentally, or sometimes even intentionally, destroy video evidence. This is called “spoliation of evidence” and can have dire consequences for the merchant.

Under Georgia law if the defendant in a civil suit destroys evidence, the jury is instructed that there is a presumption that the claim is good. As one can see, the penalties for destroying evidence are strong.

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